For school
Download IPA fonts

Teach yourself linguistics
Ethnologue – info about all the world's known languages
World Atlas of Linguistic Structure – typological information
Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics – may require library login for access
Linguistics Stack Exchange – ask the experts your questions

Teach yourself skills
CodeAcademy – learn programming
GoogleCode – learn programming
w3school – learn programming
Udacity – learn programming, statistics, and more
Learn Natural Language Processing – for jobs in computational linguistics
Khan Academy – learn math, programming, and other skills
Duolingo – translate webpages and learn foreign languages
MindSnacks – games to learn foreign languages and more
DLIFLC – U.S. Army's foreign language learning program (free) 

Work and volunteer
Appen – transcription and other part-time work for linguists
SKILLS – School Kids Investigating Language + Life in Society
Cottage Hospital Speech Therapy – Volunteer with and shadow SLPs
ASHA – Speech Pathology, Audiology, etc.
TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language
JET – Teach English in Japan
TEALIT – Teach English in Taiwan
WorldTeach – teach English abroad
SIL International – Documenting endangered languages
HRELP – Documenting endangered languages
UNESCO – Endangered languages and human rights
NSF – fund your research projects
LinkedIn – network and search for jobs

Download programs
Praat – for phonetic analysis
Audacity – for recording and analyzing audio
ELAN – for transcribing and analyzing video
R – for statistical analysis