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Past LingClub Events
  • January 27 2015: We played Linguists Against Humanity!!
  • November 4 2014: UCSB linguistics alumni Juli White ('13) and Joe Harrington ('13) both talked about their experiences as Speech Language Pathologists. You can email Juli at or Joe at if you'd like to discuss SLP and grad school with them! 
  • October 7 2014: We kicked off the new school year with pizza, soda, and a talk from Dr. Nora Binghadeer about bringing together research in physics, linguistics, technology, and second language acquisition.
  • June 3 2014: Last LingClub of the year!!
  • May 27 2014: Arts & crafts night! Everybody made wugs! Felt wugs, clay wugs, painted wugs, stuffed wugs! There were many wugs!
  • May 13 2014: Hilary Tomczik came to talk about the TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate here at UCSB, as well as careers stateside and abroad in TESOL! 
  • April 22 2014: We watched Dr. Bob Kennedy's Jeopardy! episodes! 
  • March 4 2014: Matt Cecil, NLU Research Engineer at Nuance Communications, talked about computational linguistics!
  • February 18 2014: We watched an episode of NOVA about animal communication!  
  • February 4 2014: Speech Pathologist Deanna Li gave a talk about her work as an SLP, and recommended completing prereqs at a community college and choosing a local CSU school. We brainstormed SLP prereqs at UCSB, which you can find here. If you have questions about being an SLP, you can email her at
  • January 21 2014: NYU law student Aimee Carlisle gave a talk about how her degree in linguistics has helped her in law school. If you have questions about law school, you can email her at: During our discussion of language and the law, LingClub member Meagan Vigus recommended the book Word Crime.
  • November 12 2013: UCSB grad student Danny Hieber gave a talk about his work at Rosetta Stone with their endangered languages projects. He recommended finding internships and learning computer skills like SQL at w3school
  • October 9 2013: Dr. Anna Trester gave a talk about career possibilities for linguists outside of academia, including her colleague's work as a "Socio-Rocket Scientist" at NASA! She recommends connecting with other linguists on LinkedIn and visiting her website to get started. You can see the PowerPoint of her talk here.
  • Spring 2013: We watched Fry's Planet Word!
  • February 26 2013: Dr. Bob Kennedy presented his research on rhoticity in song
  • January 29 2013: We began watching Fry's Planet Word, starting with Episode 1: Babel
  • October 23 2012: UCSB grad student Matt Cecil talked about his work in TESOL and Computational Linguistics. He recommended JET or TEALIT for teaching English in Asia. He recommended Google's Code UniversityCodeAcademy, and this NLP book for computational linguistics
  • October 9 2012: Speech Pathologist Elizabeth Perry talked about her work as an SLP, and suggested contacting a local SLP to shadow
  • October 2 2012: UCSB grad student Lynette Arnold talked about SKILLS, and is seeking volunteers for the Spring 2013 semester