Graduate School

Speech-Language Pathology
ASHA schools – Find programs for Speech Pathology and Audiology
SLP Courses – A guide to fulfulling prereqs while at UCSB
Undergraduate Mumblings – A blog about applying to graduate school in Speech Pathology (many posts are relevant to other graduate programs too!)
SLP subreddit – A forum for SLPs

LINGUIST List Support – Funding for students in Linguistics and related fields
NSF Linguistics – Funding for students in Linguistics and related fields

General Grad School stuff
GRE Registration – A standardized test that covers math, English, and writing. Like the SAT, but for graduate school, most programs require you take it
Kisses of Death in the Graduate School Application Process – What not to do when applying to grad school
Grad School subreddit – A forum for graduate students in all fields
The Grad Cafe – A forum for people in and applying to graduate school
Piled Higher & Deeper – A webcomic about life as a graduate student
The Illustrated Guide to a PhD – Getting a PhD is more than just taking classes. This explains what a dissertation is.
100 Reasons Not to go to Grad School – make sure this is really the right decision for you!