UCSB Courses & Electives

UCSB linguists! Check out the UCSB Linguistics Major & Minor Requirements. 

Considering a career in Speech Pathology? Check out this courselist.

Still looking for an elective? Try one of these classes from outside the Linguistics Department that relate to language, culture, social interaction, and human cognition. 

(not all courses may be offered every year; check with the department for course availability and prerequisites)

General Linguistics, Culture, and Cognition
ANTH 2 – Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 109 – Human Universals
ANTH 187 – The Clash of Cultures
COMM 158 – Advanced Language and Communication Processes
CMPSC 8 – Introduction to Computer Science
CMPSC 165A – Artificial Intelligence
CMPSC 185 – Human-Computer Interaction
PHIL 100C – Philosophy of Language
PHIL 108 – Philosophy of the Social Sciences
PHIL 150C – Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Language
PSYCH 108 – Cognitive Psychology
PSYCH 110B – Perception: Audition
PSYCH 123 – Cognitive Neuroscience
PSYCH 127 – Psychology of Language

SBCC offers American Sign Language courses.
UCSB Rec Cen also offers ASL courses.

Language, Culture, and Society
ANTH 102A – Introduction to Women, Culture, and Development
ANTH 114 – Social Organization
ANTH 125 – Anthropology of Gender
COMM 109 – Language and Social Identity
COMM 123 – Cultural Influences on Communication
COMM 126 – Gender and Communication
PSYCH 102 – Social Psychology
PSYCH 119 – Social Norms
PSYCH 138 – Social Memory
PSYCH 140 – Social Influence
PSYCH 147 – Intergroup Relations
PSYCH 154 – Cultural Psychology

Also consider courses from Asian American Studies, Black Studies, Chicana and Chicano Studies, or Feminist Studies.

Asian & Oceanic Languages & Cultures
ANTH 103A – Anthropology of China
ANTH 103B – Anthropology of Japan
ANTH 103C – Anthropology of Korea
ANTH 136 – Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific
ANTH142 – Peoples and Cultures of India
RG ST 11A-C – Elementary Hindi
RG ST 30A-C – Elementary Tibetan
RG ST 159A-C – Elementary Sanskrit
CHIN 1-3 – Elementary Modern Chinese
CHIN101A-C – Introduction to Classical Chinese
JAPAN 1-3 – First-year Japanese

Also consider courses in East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies.

African and Middle Eastern Languages & Cultures
ANTH 156 – Understanding Africa
HEB 1-3 – Elementary Hebrew
RG ST 10A-C – Elementary Arabic
RG ST 10X-Z – Egyptian Colloquial Arabic
RG ST 17A-C – Introduction to Biblical Hebrew
RG ST 45A-C – Introduction to Pashto Language
RG ST 57A-C – Elementary Persian
RG ST 60A-C – Elementary Punjabi
RG ST 65A-C – Introduction to Turkish Language
RG ST 121A – Introduction to Targumic Aramic
RG ST 122A-B – Syriac
RG ST 149C – Language, Writing, and the Transmission of Knowledge in Islam

Also consider courses in Middle East Studies and Anthropology. 

Native American Languages & Cultures
ANTH 113 Indigenous People and the Nation State in the Americas
ANTH 131 – North American Indians
ANTH 131CA – California Indians
ANTH 133 – Cultural Development in Mesoamerica
ANTH 137 – The Ancient Maya
ANTH 139MG – Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon
ANTH 150B – The Inca Empire
ANTH 155 – Prehistory of California and the Great Basin
RG ST 14 – Introduction to Native American Religious Studies

European Languages & Cultures
FR 1-3 – Elementary French
GER 1-3 – Elementary German
GREEK 1-3 – Elementary Greek
GREEK 11-12 – Elementary Modern Greek
iTAL 1-3 – Elementary Italian
LATIN 1-3 – Elementary Latin
PORT 1-3 – Elementary Portuguese
SLAV 1-3 – Elementary Russian
SPAN 1-3 – Elementary Spanish
SPAN 129 – Typology of Iberian Languages
SPAN 151A-C – Catalan Language and Culture
SPAN 154A-C – Basque Language and Culture
SPAN 157A-C – Galician Language and Culture

Also consider courses in Classics, Germanic, Slavic and Semitic Studies, French and Italian, Latin American and Iberian Studies, etc.