Which linguists are in demand?

Below are some bar graphs based on data from the LINGUIST List job posting archive from 2010 through 2013. These bar graphs only show the top ten most frequent key words from each year. 

Please note these are only the jobs listed on LINGUIST List, which overwhelmingly tend to be academic (college/university) or certain industry jobs. These charts do not take into account other in-demand jobs such as speech-language pathologists and audiologists found at ASHA jobs, K-12 and adult education teaching jobs found at TESOL jobs or TEFL jobsand industry jobs found in places like Indeed and LinkedIn.

Computational linguistics/natural language processing (red), applied linguistics (blue), general linguistics (yellow), English (green), cognitive/psycholinguistics (purple), acquisition (light blue), and syntax (orange) have been common key words in LINGUIST List job postings for the past four years. Phonetics, phonology, Spanish, and sociolinguistics also make these top-ten lists. 

Also, the number of overall job postings have been increasing over the years, with less than 100 for each category in 2010 to over 200 postings for applied linguistics in 2013.