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…travel the world.
Linguists can help develop orthographies and create literacy programs with the Peace Corps. It's also a great way to network with locals around the world and find underdocumented languages.

…share my knowledge.
TESOL employees teach English abroad, often getting room and board paid in the foreign country in addition to their salary. Stateside, you can teach ESL or a foreign language in K-12 public schools with just a 1-year teaching credential. 

…join the medical profession.
Speech-Language Pathologists help diagnose and treat disorders of the brain, auditory system, and vocal tract which affect language, including autism and aphasia. Medical translators are also in high demand, and mediate some of the cultural and linguistic misunderstandings that happen in medical settings. 

…join law enforcement.
In addition to lawyers and politicians arguing over what the meaning of "is" is, linguists can get involved with the law as a Forensic Linguist, analyzing handwriting samples and voice recordings to catch criminals.

…go to space!
Famous xeno-linguistics include Dr. Daniel Jackson and Lt. Nyota Uhura. Unfortunately, alien contact hasn't been made by SETI (yet), so this job doesn't actually exist (yet). A close second-choice might be working with intelligent animals like dolphins and apes, whose communication systems remain wholly alien to us.

…make a lot of money.
Computational linguists often make six figures working for companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, or Nuance. Consider a minor in computer science and applying for an Master's in CompLing at Washington or Stanford

…save endangered languages.
SIL International (the makers of Ethnologue) sends linguists all over the globe to document endangered languages. You can also get grants to document endangered languages through programs like NSF-DEL, ELF, and HRELP

…use computers and technology.
Similar to Computational Linguistics, consider going into Natural Language Processing (NLP) or Artificial Intelligence (AI). Computer scientists need the knowledge and skills of linguists to help them pass the Turing Test.

…get involved with the government.
The politically minded may be interested in language policy, which can sometimes result in heated debate. Other government agencies including the CIA, FBI, and the military hire linguists as code makers and code breakers or as translators, sometimes paying linguists to learn other languages.

…go to Hollywood!
Combine your knowledge of sociolinguistics and phonetics to help actors sound like native speakers of certain dialects as an accent coach. Some immigrants, businessmen, and news anchors will also pay for "accent reduction" classes. For structurally-minded linguists, Hollywood hires linguists to make constructed languages like Na'vi and Klingon.